Ana Granwhale

A New Virtual Travel Experience
Presented by ANA
Earn Miles While Just Having Fun!


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A new travel experience app
that connects real and virtual worlds

"ANA GranWhale" is a virtual travel platform app that allows you to freely and comfortably enjoy your trip by recreating amazing destinations and cultures around the world.
"ANA GranWhale" is comprised of V-TRIP (Virtual Travel Space) and Sky Mall (Shopping Space) services.
Furthermore, if you collect "Gran Chip" (in-app items) while experiencing "ANA GranWhale," you can exchange them for Miles.
Please enjoy traveling and shopping as a World Traveler (Avatar) on your smartphone.
We Sky Attendants are looking forward to welcoming you onboard.

※To exchange for Miles, you must link up with your ANA Mileage Club.


An enjoyable virtual trip anytime and anywhere

You can enjoy a 360° virtual trip to breathtaking destinations that are recommended by ANA.
Don't miss the historical buildings and panoramic views!
Every destination has a unique "V-GUIDE" to guide you through the V-TRIP and explain the history and fascinating details about the destination.
We hope you will try the comfortable travel experience that can only be found on "ANA GranWhale!"

Sky Mall

A shopping mall that provides an extraordinary experience that integrates the real and virtual worlds.

This is a shopping mall with virtual shops lined up, each with its own concept.
You can enjoy the experience of shopping by strolling around the fashionable "Sky Mall" and actually visiting the various shops, like real shopping mall facilities.
In each shop, you can speak with the staff and purchase EC and digital items. You may also come across exclusive items and contents.
Amazing events and promotions will be held one after another! Let's enjoy!

Let's collect
Gran Chips!

The "Gran Chip" you collect while experiencing "ANA GranWhale" can be used to pull the Miles Gacha for earning miles or exchanged for in-app digital items in the Exchange item.

To pull the Miles Gacha, you have to link up with your ANA Mileage Club.


Grand Open!

"ANA GranWhale MarketPlace" managed


You can easily purchase NFTs with a credit card even without a digital wallet.

NFT MarketPlace.Opens in a New Window.

Once you are done with the virtual,

let's experience it for real!

"ANA Traveler's" Recommended Hotels

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Ana Granwhale
Virtual Travel
Supported OS
iOS / Android
Free for basic play (with in-app purchases)
Design, development, and management
Areas of service
Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia
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